coppicing woodland management Weymouth Dorset
coppicing woodland management Weymouth Dorset

Coppicing / Woodland Management, Dorset

Woodlands have been managed by man for thousands of years. Coppicing is thought to be the oldest form of woodland management. It involves cutting down what is known as the understorey trees and shrubs (traditionally Hazel). Letting them regrow and cutting them again at regular intervals of between 5 and 15 years. The wood cut would be used from anything from wooden hurdles to making charcoal.

Many small woods have been left to overgrow after these practices were overtaken by cheaper modern products such as wooden and wire fences and the mining of coal.

I provide a service bringing these woodlands back into a coppice rotation for the benefit of the wood itself and the environment. These small woods are of no interest to large forestry companies and have been forgotten for too many years.

The wood that I sell for logs are a by product that comes from some of these projects that I am doing for local landowners.